Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Voice Celebrity Edition ; Role Killed off in The Hippocratic Crush II

TVB's The Voice 4 celebrity edition continued with the second day of auditions. There were another 50 artists that participated including - Sai Sai Lap (May Chan), Cilla Lok, Lisa Chong, Kayi Cheung and Candy Chang. Sai Sai Lap performed Anita Mui's The Sunset Song (夕陽之歌), but half way through her performance, she forgot the lyrics. She laughed and expressed her singing dream is over, she'll just go back and concentrate on acting.

Candy trained bitterly for 3 months in preparation for this singing contest. She said her singing instructor was her very own father. Back then, her father participated in the same singing contest as Leslie Cheung and even won an award! Earlier she guest starred in The Hippocratic Crush II mainly to explain the end of her relationship with Him Law's character. Last year Candy got into trouble with the law because she was in her male friend's car when the police caught the driver for drug possession. During the time her work was put on hiatus, her role in 'On Call 2' was killed off.

Thoughts: It upsets me that they killed her role off.....she was suppose to be the 3rd lead!  :(  Anyways, hopes the singing will work for her! A singing career would be nice :)


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