Friday, January 11, 2013

Candy is back to work!

About 1-2 months ago Candy has been dealing with her "drug" case and whatsoever.... but now she's back on set and filming :D

1/9 she posted on weibo : 
早上的太陽光照射到自己的床上,新的一天再降臨,今天你對自己一天的計劃想好了嗎?我計劃好了,我要練好自己的對白、我要拍劇去!《愛•回家》,我回來了💖 謝謝公司、謝謝支持我的朋友和家人們、謝謝還有你們信任我!Love you all

Translation: This morning's sun has been brightening up my bed, a new day is starting, have you planned out your day today? I planned it well, I memorized my script well, I am going to film! "Come home, love", I am back, thank you to my company, thank you friends and family that has been supporting me, thank you for believing me! Love you all

*Candy also mentioned in the comments that she would be in episodes 202 and 203 :)

HkChannel's weibo also posted this on 1/9: 
【张慧雯复工 参演《#On Call 36小时II#》】@Candy张慧雯 去年底捲入涉毒桉,新一年有望咸鱼翻生!昨日,穿上婚纱现身电视城为剧集《爱.回家》试造型的她,下月将参演《On Call II》,戏份亦不变

[Candy Chang back to work, participating to the filming of "The Hippocratic Crush II"] Candy last year has been involved in a drug related case, a new year with hope is expected for her! Yesterday, she was wearing a wedding dress and appeared in "Come Home, Love", next month she will be part of the filming cast "The Hippocratic Crush II", her role has not been changes.

My own note: Translation credits to myself :) I know my translation skills suck, sorry!!! But I really needed to post this up on here :) Haha although my translation is really awkward, I am proud that I can say I did it with only a little help from google translate, hihi :) As my thoughts on the news itself, I am pretty happy that Candy is fine and will appear in THC 2 :D They probably will be more news once the filming will start :)

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