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Divas in Distress Official Screencaps

I probably will not have time to watch thi serie....but here are a few screencaps with Candy in it :) Wonder what's gonna happen...I might read someone's review :)

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Thank you + New blog :)

Thank you for your support!! 1 month after its opening, Candy Chang Forever has now reached over 1000 pageviews! ;D (And they don't track mines xD) Yesterday, I've opened a new blog. I know it's a bit of a rush opening two blogs in a row, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to handle it when school starts, but I'll try :) Please go check it out!! It's quite different from this one :) Here it is: It is still "in construction", (The banner's gonna change + I'm adding more pages) but you can already go see it:) Plus I've added a few of you as affiliates already, so if you see yourself, please link me back and tell me in the new chatbox of the new blog? :D If you don't see this, I'll just tell you in all of your chatbox but yeahh xD Thank you once again! :)

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August weibo update (part 2)

I found out that posting the translations takes way too much from now on, I'll only be posting the pictures.






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Random TVB video :)

I just created a video of my favorite TVB actors and actresses :) It includes Candy so I decided to post it here, enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush Ep 17-18

So...Jing Jing starts doubting that Yat Hong likes her since he gave her that TV buddy, even if he denies it...

August weibo update (Part 1)

8/08: 我和 @胡杏儿 都是天蝎座!我們就是神秘和性感的化身
In reply to: @天蝎座 : 孙中山是天蝎座,蒋介石是天蝎座,贝多芬是天蝎座,黄晓明是天蝎座,马化腾是天蝎座,马云是天蝎座、刘晓庆是天蝎座,吴奇隆是天蝎座,任家萱Selina (S.H.E) 是天蝎座,华罗庚是天蝎座,赵雅芝是天蝎座,张艺谋是天蝎座,钱钟书是天蝎座,朴树是天蝎座,我们都是天蝎座!

8/08: 謝謝張小嫻的金句,我會堅強的,睡一覺,明天醒了就會是一個新開始. EAT. PRAY. LOVE. 
(Translation: Thank you for 張小嫻's golden quote, I will stay strong, sleep, tomorrow will be a new beginning. EAT. PRAY.LOVE.)
In reply to: @现代女人帮  : 一个女人,最重要还是活得好。只要活得好,从前所有的委屈,所有的伤害,所受过的白眼,一切恩情爱恨,后来的一天,都付笑谈中。曾经的伤痛、曾经掉过的眼泪,不过是生命中无可避免的历练。——张小娴

8/08: 好不開心好不開心好不開心......為甚麼我對你那麼坦誠你卻要這樣騙我......
(Translation: Very sad, very sad, very sad....Why am I so honest to you and you have to lie to me...) 

8/03: @魏焌皓Nathan 我們一定要贏贏贏!
(Translation: We absolutely have to win, win, win!) 

8/03: 請大家留意「千奇百趣之東南亞」啦
In reply to: @黃智賢  : 千奇百趣東南亞你猜誰會贏?

8/03: 趁現在還沒有開劇集的時候好好努力提升自己,多看劇集、多讀書提升自己的中文能力,最近每個禮拜二都會到舞蹈室練舞,鍛鍊身體,謝謝大家對我的支持,我會繼續努力奮鬥的!
In reply to: @HKChannel : 【大姐大手記】香港小姐曾是「明星搖籃」,電視圈蔡少芬、佘詩曼及胡杏兒等穩坐一線。2000年至今,只有徐子珊及陳茵媺。國際中華小姐質素愈來愈高,先有葉璇廖碧兒,現鍾嘉欣陳法拉已躍升花旦,港姐要加把勁!新一代華姐中@苟芸慧ChristineKuo@朱璇oceane@Candy张慧雯 甚有潛質。

8/01: 謝謝,動漫節真的很好玩,希望下一年還能和你們一起合作
(Translation: Thank you, the manga festival was really fan, hope to collaborate with you next year as well) 
In reply to: @张慧雯贴吧 : 無綫藝人張慧雯(Candy)出席《動漫Cosplay大賽頒獎禮》,Candy雖身為動漫大使卻未有以Cosplay造型到場,她解釋說:「開幕當日已經著咗,我覺得Cosplay係非一般衣著,平日自己未試過,亦無膽著,怕尷尬。」她透露早前已遊遍整個動漫展,更買了不少漫畫,相信需要一段時間才能消化 @Candy张慧雯

Picture edits =)

So these are just random edits I did on Picmonkey....just had some fun with a few pics from Candy's weibo :P

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu, and Candy Chang - Who Will Become the Next TVB Fadan?

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant has traditionally cultivated many film and television actresses. However, in recent years, TVB appeared to favor winners from the Miss Chinese International Pageant rather than the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, promoting Chinese women raised overseas instead of local beauty winners. As numerous fadans have left TVB in recent years, newcomers such as Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Oceane Zhu (朱璇), and Candy Chang (張慧雯) were now offered with incredible opportunities to distinguish themselves and rise to become the next leading lady!

In the film industry, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant created many household names such as Maggie Cheung (張曼玉), Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), who developed admirable careers. In the television circle, the pageant also produced famous actresses, such as Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), whose popularity extended across the world.

In recent years, it appears that the Miss Hong Kong pageant contestants have failed to carve out successful acting careers. Although former winners such as Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒), Toby Chan (陳庭欣) and Sandy Lau (劉倩婷) are TVB managed artists, they have failed to leave any lasting impression upon the viewers.

“Miss Chinese International” Winners Rise in Prominence

In recent years, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant has created a limited number of leading actresses. Only Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) have risen to fadan status. In comparison, contestants from Miss Chinese International have been more heavily promoted. Former TVB actresses, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and Michelle Ye (葉璇) were among the first leading ladies sourced from the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

Subsequently, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) were also heavily promoted by TVB. Linda also managed to breakthrough her acting in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>and Witness Insecurity <護花危情>. Fala was nominated for Best Actress at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. Recently, she was even given a chance to release her first music album.

Who Will Become the Next TVB Fadan?

As compared with the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, the new breed of actresses emerging from the Miss Chinese International Pageant has forged more desirable careers. Amongst them are Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Oceane Zhu (朱璇), and Candy Chang (張慧雯) who are currently given many opportunities to shine at TVB.

Winner of the 2009 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Christine was cast in many top rated TVB dramas, such as The Mysteries of Love <談情說案>, and Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>. Recently, she is being featured more prominently in Tiger Cubs <飛虎> and Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>, in which she plays the ex-wife of TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Possessing a beautiful face and a stunning 34C figure, Christine is considered as a “sexy goddess” among many male viewers! However, viewers have also commented that she needs to improve upon her acting skills.

After being crowned as the winner of the 2008 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Oceane Zhu was invited to lead in movie, Prince of Tears <淚王子>. In 2010, Oceane was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards’ Best New Performer category, as well as the Asian Film Awards. Possessing a bubbly and straightforward personality, Oceane is also being cast in high-profile dramas, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線> and Season of Love <恋爱季节>. Viewers have commented that Oceane needs to improve upon her Cantonese and drop her Mandarin accent if she wished to strengthen her presence in TVB dramas.

Candy Chang was the second runner-up of the 2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant. As a newcomer, Candy was already featured in popular TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, and acting alongside with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (杨怡). Only 22-year-old, Candy has won praise for her natural acting in The Hippocratic Crush. She will also be appearing in coming TVB dramas, Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> and A Chip Off the Old Block 2 <巴不得媽媽…> .

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush Ep 14

They are so cute together, especially in the last screencap :) Plus a lil random fact, Candy's shirt says "Boy meet girl", which matches their relationship xD

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Candy fears embarassement wearing Cosplay

Haha I kinda understand...but she's till pretty in her costumes :)

July weibo update part 2 (07/15 - 07/31)

7/31: 動漫節活動終於大功告成!我和@魏焌皓Nathan 終於可以逛逛攤位啦!

7/29: 人生就是道場,活著就是一種修行。內心就是信仰,靈魂就是圖騰。你把內心修成什麼樣,你就會擁有什麼樣的人生。 別總說命運在上天手裡,其實你一出生,上天就把一半的命運交給了你。 你所說的每一句話、你所做的每一件事,都是在折算你的生命價值,只不過,有的人是疊加,而有的人卻是在遞減。

7/29: 謝謝圖片,希望大家在動漫節玩得開心D
(Translation: Thank you for the pictures, hope everyone have fun at the manga festival) 
In reply to: @星星星图 : 2012第十四屆香港動漫電玩節「J2動到爆」@Candy张慧雯 5

7/27: 謝謝你們的邀請,那天真的玩得很開心啊!有機會再聚
In reply to: @經理人TiffanyChan  : @白健恩Ronan 慶祝生辰不忘慈善 @林山川Sanchez @Dickson陳卓宏 @Candy张慧雯 @文凱玲ConnieMan @洪崎峻超B @李卓CheukLee @Andree李欣蓓 @莎莉SAlleee @Ceci_Siu

7/27: add oil Ronan!Your frds got ur back! 我們會在背後支持你的 //@白健恩Ronan:Thank you very much
In reply to: @經理人TiffanyChan  : @白健恩Ronan 又大一歲想做全能藝人 忙拍 #法網狙擊# 上周舉行生日會 @Candy张慧雯 @文凱玲ConnieMan 歌手 @陳卓宏Dickson @李卓CheukLee 均有到賀 小白生日願望「除繼續做舞台劇希望無綫劇集一部接一部同有機會拍電影」身為建屋大使藝人好友均將禮物錢捐贈 #仁人家園# 令他感動 @林山川Sanchez

7/26: Thank you!
In reply to: @香港动漫电玩节  : #香港動漫電玩節2012# 兩位J2動漫戰神係咪好有型呢? @Candy张慧雯 @魏焌皓Nathan

7/26: 準備好了、差不多出發啦~
(Already prepared, almost ready to go) 

7/26: 大家早安!我現在起床準備到公司化妝了,會展見
(Translation: Good morning everyone! I just woke up, getting ready to go to work and put on makeup, see you at the festival) 

7/26: 和Chef Koo一起合作真的很開心,一點都不覺得在工作、時間過得很快!我就是超愛烹飪、愛吃的女生,尤其是永遠逃不了甜品的誘惑 //@black-n-white:感謝@Candy张慧雯 出席我們的慶祝大典
In reply to: @black-n-white : 甜心先生第100集之慶祝,期待甜心先生第1000集的來臨!@Lai_Ling

7/25: Thank u!
In reply to: @Henry__Leung : 20120725 玩轉三周1/2 capture 6(完) @Candy张慧雯

7/25: 既辛苦又開心的錄影時光 謝謝照片!
In reply to:@Henry__Leung : 20120725 玩轉三周1/2 capture 5 @Candy张慧雯


7/24: 我超愛看「甜心先生」!今天可以上去當嘉賓,超開心地說
In reply to: @张慧雯贴吧 : 25/7/2012 無綫為食台《甜心先生》慶祝 100集錄影 #古嘉俊# 、 #林詠嫻# 、 #張慧雯# 。 14:30 將軍澳電視廣播城七廠 資料來源: Star.Starphoto、Jolly的今日星蹤 @Candy张慧雯

7/24: 謝謝Nathan戰神們
In reply to: @魏焌皓國際後援會NIFC  : 再送上合照一張@candy張慧雯

7/24: 謝謝支持!我們將會27號進行「動漫節開幕儀式」、然後28號進行「J2動漫 • 熱」的好玩節目、31號進行閉幕儀式,也會同時頒獎給我們動漫COSPLAY比賽的朋友們,大家請繼續留意我們動漫戰神的動向哦!
In reply to: @張慧雯Candy國際粉絲影迷會 : 好靚的照片!@Candy张慧雯 @魏焌皓Nathan 好喜歡你們的這身造型!好喜歡有你們參與的動漫節!(轉發@魏焌皓國際後援會NIFC 圖片)

7/23: 謝謝關心喔親 我剛剛吃了藥,現在準備休息了,希望你和其他朋友們也要保重身體喔 //@張慧雯Candy國際粉絲影迷會:慧雯姐姐要多點休息!喝多一點水,晚上早點睡!還要注意身體呀!下午曬,就不要出去啦!在家好好休息!你們演員真的很辛苦!

7/22: 這週末生病了、發高燒....今天打算去看醫生、拿藥吃....明天還要工作,出席動漫節的記者招待會。希望今天休息後會好一點,I'm so sick....
(Translation: I've bee sick this week, had fever....I'm planning to go see a doctor today, take some medecine....still have to work tomorrow, going to the manga festival press conference. Hope I'll feel better after resting today, I'm so sick...)

7/22: 我不求我將來的老公買一顆多大的磚石,情願要他送我一個大大的衣帽間
(Translation: I don't expect that my future husband will buy a huge diamant, I only want a huge closet)
In reply to: @学穿衣爱潮搭 : 我们都想有个大大的衣帽间!

7/22: Thank you so much Ginny for this great website! It meant a lot to me.  I'll continue to work hard and do my best in TVB. 
In reply to MEE ;D : @Ginny彤彤 : @Candy张慧雯 I just created this website for you & your fans, hope you'll like it :D

7/20: Thank you  今日見到你很開心!
(Translation: Thank you, very happy to have seen you today)
In reply to: @杨秀惠VivienYeo  : 各位靚女!收相咯!@Candy张慧雯 @何傲儿Lily @高海寧

7/18: Support!!! 
In reply to: @广州长隆鳄鱼公园  : #Fun享夏日,幸福长隆#@广州长隆鳄鱼公园 特约:《家庭欢乐逍遥游》特辑,众多明星来袭!@洪天明 @周家蔚JanetChow @范振鋒Ricky @李思欣Charmaine @Candy张慧雯 @梁梓豪Henry @牛奶糖林詠渝 林卓楠 与鳄鱼相伴,看水鸟嬉戏,赏珍奇动物,想知道有多精彩吗? 今晚19:00-19:30TVB翡翠台,敬请期待!

7/18: 今晚播啦~希望大家多多支持我們 謝謝!
(It's airing tonight, hope everyone will support us, thank you!) 
In reply to: @張慧雯Candy國際粉絲影迷會 : 7月18日今晚7:00敬请留意高清翡翠台长隆旅游节目!@Candy张慧雯 @周家蔚JanetChow @洪天明 @梁梓豪Henry @李思欣Charmaine @范振鋒Ricky @牛奶糖林詠渝 大家一定要鼎力支持啦!

7/15: 哇....好久沒有看過的照片~這張是我的好姐妹@BiBi仔 幫我照的照片,好懷念加拿大時候的生活....好想我的哥哥、家人、朋友們....謝謝分享
(Translation: I haven't seen for so long, this one is a picture that my good friend Bibi took for me, really miss the time when I lived in Canada...miss my brother, family and friends...thanks for sharing) 
In reply to: @張慧雯Candy國際粉絲影迷會 : 好想和Candy姐姐合影留念!@Candy张慧雯