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July weibo update part 1 (07/01 - 07/15)

Candy's weibos are written in bold and...replies are written in normal. Sorry for the lack of translations...I can only translate short texts since I cannot read a lot of chinese. But those that are there are underlined ;)

7/15: Support!!  //@Dickson陳卓宏: ! //@白健恩Ronan:請大家多多支持!多謝!
In reply to: @經理人TiffanyChan  : @Candy张慧雯 @Dickson陳卓宏 @文凱玲ConnieMan @Andree李欣蓓 @莎莉SAlleee @Ceci_Siu @洪崎峻超B @RaeLamTszHong @李卓CheukLee @Patryk周靖豪 Thank you all for came to support @白健恩Ronan stay healthy & wealthy! #仁人家園#

7/14: 好開心今天在@白健恩Ronan 生日會裡新認識了兩位新朋友:@Dickson陳卓宏 @文凱玲ConnieMan 一個新加入樂壇的歌手、還有美女是新出「喜愛夜蒲2」的Actress,很開心!有機會我們再聚
(Translation: Very happy to have met two new friends at Ronan's birthday party today: @Dickson & Connie a new singer who just joined the entertainment, also this beautiful girl is an actress from 喜愛夜蒲2 that just came out, very happy! Let's get together again if there are more chances)

7/13: thank u baby for the photo~我們繼續努力玩轉三週半吧
In reply to: @楊思琦szeki  : @張嘉兒 @陳庭欣_Toby @Candy张慧雯 nice shot

7/12: 可以見到你真開心,明天我們又可以一起工作了,cant wait!
(Translation: Very happy to see you, tomorrow we can work together again, can't wait!)
In reply to: @Kimmy關婉珊  : EYT錄影...開心見到你阿babe~ @Candy张慧雯

7/11: 謝謝支持!
(Translation: Thank you for the support!)
In reply to: @慧之_Fans : 請各位去 支持 慧雯Candy @Candy张慧雯 @張慧雯Candy國際粉絲影迷會 @yan_gloria_yan @简-敏妙 @Jo-Jo-Jo-Jodie-譚蘊瞳

7/09: 我的新弟弟
(Translation: My new brother)
In reply to: @梁梓豪Henry  : 我的新家姐
(Translation: My new sister)

7/08: 是真的
(Translation: It's true) 
In reply to: @情侣手册 : 其实最关心你的,永远是那个最爱打击你的。

7/07: 請大家多多支持和關注喔
In reply to: @林子博  : 2012年7月18日~晚上7點((TVB翡翠台)長隆旅遊節目。@范振鋒Ricky @李思欣Charmaine @洪天明 @周家蔚JanetChow @Candy张慧雯 @梁梓豪Henry @牛奶糖林詠渝 @牛奶糖媽咪shirley @牛奶糖林詠渝之sweet-house @牛奶糖林詠渝fans-club

(Translation: Very cute bird ! Almost as if it came out from a cartoon)

7/07: 謝謝大家的支持 //@魏焌皓Nathan:請支持動漫戰神
(Translation: Thank you for the support) 
In reply to: @魏焌皓國際後援會NIFC  : 【J2動漫·熱 HEX】格鬥漫畫HEX,從7月2日開始,每逢星期一會在網上更新最新一部的漫畫,一共四期。早前,老闆和@Candy張慧雯 一起為Hex拍攝宣傳片。喜歡動漫的同學,記得要密切留意網上和TVB週刊的更新喇!很喜歡他們正義造型!如果是真人版更加完美,可以看到兩人正邪對立

7/06: @周家蔚JanetChow @李思欣Charmaine 已經想念你們了
(Translation: Janet & Charmaine, I already miss you) 

7/04:  //@范振鋒Ricky:真係好好玩呀!冇得彈! //@Karen811:幾時會播呀? //@李思欣Charmaine
In reply to: @广州长隆酒店  : #又见明星来长隆#再送上合照一张!帅哥美女萌宝宝有木有?!@范振鋒Ricky @李思欣Charmaine @Candy张慧雯

7/03: 現在身在長隆,和我的弟弟@梁梓豪Henry 拍攝旅遊特輯中
(Translation: I'm currently in Chime long, filming a travelling show with my brother Henry) 

7/02: Awesome picture, thanks Sheldon and Jarvis 
In reply to : Manga and Anime! :D personal favorite: Naruto @周奕瑋Jarvis @Candy张慧雯

7/01: 真的很感動啊!謝謝你們,好美的製作!這個Video我要分享了~  
(Translation: Very emotional! Thank you, very beautiful work! I have to share this video) 
In reply to : @魏焌皓國際後援會NIFC  : 【法國婚紗攝影】只有照片,沒有背景音樂襯托下,會顯得乏味!第一次學習製作了這個屬於兩人甜蜜的回憶,送給老闆和老闆娘,希望你們都喜歡啦! 也把它送給喜歡“康晶戀”的同學,你們的願望成真了嗎?@魏焌皓Nathan @Candy張慧雯

The Hippocratic Crush Ep13

 These are the screencaps from episode 13 :) I originally wanted to do some for every episode, but I guess it would be too long so i'm gonna do only for the important ones, aka the scenes with Candy and Nathan! So this episode is where their relationship storyline really begins... and it's the first time they meet one to one. Ching Ching just broke up with her boyfriend so Yay Hong comforts her. The last scene is so cute... Ching Ching says she's the fifth "boat" (girlfriend) and Yat Hong as a joke says he's the 12369th of Laughing Gor. Ching Ching pretend its not funny but laughs in the end. Then they just have a great time =)

J2 Manga Festival

I wish I could attend the Festival...Candy looks so pretty =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh newcomers ‘Yat Hong’ and ‘Jing Jing’ could move up any minute

Original post date: March 16 2012

So far, audiences’ response to TVB series “The Hippocratic Crush” has been pretty good. In a recent storyline development, the character of Yat Hong (Nathan Ngai) was gravely injured trying to save someone, just moments after starting a relationship with the girl he likes, Jing Jing (Candy Chang), then at the hospital, his older brother Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) tries to save him, but without success. Upon learning of her son’s death, the mother (Gigi Wong) asks her son Yat Kin through tears why he was not able to save his little brother. In utilizing such tearjerking story elements as the scene described above, it’s obvious that the producer understands how to utilize the ‘heartfelt’ elements usually found in a family soap opera to elicit empathetic tears from the audiences.

“The Hippocratic Crush” can technically be considered the ‘graduation exam’ for Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) to successfully move up the ‘lead actor/actress’ ladder, however it can also be said that the series is a reflection of TVB’s current situation in the face of the upcoming ‘battle’ of the TV stations. Traditionally, in a TVB series, not only are the lead artists usually ‘household’ names, even the second and third line supporting artists are generally ‘familiar faces’ – for years, TVB artists have given this feeling of ‘familiarity’ to HK audiences. However with “The Hippocratic Crush”, TVB appears to have parted from tradition – other than the first and second lead roles being specially tailored to the artists who portray them, much of the remaining cast consists of ‘unfamiliar’ faces. For example, how many audiences know the name of the actor who plays Kenneth Ma’s brother ‘Yat Hong’? How about the actress who plays Yat Hong’s girlfriend ‘Jing Jing’? After closely scrutinizing the names listed in the credits, we see that ‘Yat Hong’ is played by Nathan Ngai (魏焌皓) and ‘Jing Jing’ is played by Candy Chang (張慧雯). Despite the lack of ‘familiarity’, the impressive performances of these 2 newcomers successfully left a deep impression on audiences, making it highly likely that they could ‘move up’ at any minute.

Promoting newcomers is definitely necessary, as there would not be the ‘old’ without the ‘new’ – besides, even the best of actors as well as superstars require a constant cultivation of talent. But with “The Hippocratic Crush”, it becomes obvious that the sudden ‘onslaught’ of newcomers is the direct result of TVB’s recent deficit in ‘familiar’ artists rather than a purposeful ‘promotion’ of newcomers – after all, the series is definitely not an ‘idol drama’ (where the focus is normally on a group of young newcomers) and the characters were not specially created and tailored with the intention of promoting the newcomers in the series.

In addition to behind-the-scenes talents [scriptwriters / directors / producers] being ‘poached’, many of TVB’s first-line siu sangs and fa dans have also left in favor of making ‘real’ money through outside opportunities – even many of the second / third line and supporting artists have decided to leave the nest! As more and more series with ‘unfamiliar’ faces and artists that most audiences can’t name continue to air, TVB will slowly lose the ‘familiarity’ element that has been its most favorable asset over the years. On the contrary, if more and more ‘familiar’ faces start appearing on the other free-to-air television stations instead, audiences who are already used to these ‘familiar’ faces may tune in and mistakenly think that they are actually watching TVB. Could this mean that TVB’s ‘customary ratings’ phenomenon may finally be challenged?

Credits: MingPao 
Translation: llwy12@

Thought this was pretty interesting to know, even if it was published months ago :) I definitely think that Candy and Nathan will move up quickly :) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hippocratic Crush Official Screencaps

All the pictures above are the official screencaps from TVB. Sadly there were none with Candy + Nathan :( But I'll probably work on it next month ;) 


TV funny

Candy was on TV funny :)

A Chip Off the Block II (Upcoming serie)

Chinese Title: 巴不得媽媽...
Genre: Comedy
Producer: Poon Ka-Tak
Cast: Liza Wang, Gigi Wong, Chung King Fai, Chin Ka Lok, Mandy Wong, Him Law and Candy Chang.
Number of episodes: 22

This is a comedy about the battles of in-laws. Candy will play the younger version of Gigi's character. The serie will air from August 27 to September 23. It is a sister production of A Chip of the Block.

Manga Festival Press Conference

Yesterday, Candy Chang and Nathan Ngai attended the Anime Festival Press Conference for Cosplay. Candy wore a white wig and long ears. She laughed and said: " In this costume, I have to show my waist, but I still ate a sandwich. These days I've been sick with fever, I asked the doctor for heavy doses of medicine to recover quickly to attend the Anime Festival" Candy will as well attend the Anime Festival in this costume. She said: " I'm not afraid of enthusiastic fans, I love excitement."

Pictures from weibo:

Haha I'm not good at translation so to see the article in chinese :